KRC offers the specialised service of an HPCSA registered psychometrist to conduct a range of assessments for your specific needs.

Assessments and Psychometrics

The key to any improvement comes from learning self-awareness. Personal development and organizational development can only begin once candidates or a teams personality, strengths and developmental areas are discovered through psychometric assessments.

Assessments are an important tool for evaluating strengths and development areas. The results provide insight into someone’s potential and identify specific areas for improvement. The assessment process at KRC is a very objective scientific process that uses valid and reliable assessment tools which can bring much-needed light onto unknown areas of a persons cognition or thought process.

Correctly employed assessments have a significant role to play in a person’s development. An assessment helps identify and discover a person’s developmental areas, their potential, their personality type and have become an important tool for organisations to use in predicting a persons success and placing them in the best-suited job position.

KRC will sit with a client and formulate a specific assessment battery (a series of assessments) to give a holistic view of the candidate, based on the client’s individual needs. Individual or group feedback sessions may be arranged depending on the clients’ needs. KRC is accredited to use an array of the latest international and African normed assessments.

KRC works closely with a company and individuals by assessing their unique potential, goals and needs. Our focus is on helping you manage your people in the best possible manner. KRC offers assessments to guide you along every step of your people management journey: from recruiting people that fit with your requirements, to helping you retain and nurture your existing talent, to being able to identify potential as well as satisfy training or development needs. Based on the assessment findings KRC can provide ongoing coaching, executive coaching and talent management.

We use an array of assessments:


Job satisfaction is achieved when your interests, abilities and personality are correlated.

We offer psychometric assessments in the following areas:


Screening for potential, motivation, emotional intelligence


Career and Talent Development


Selection and Recruitment


Management and Leadership Assessments


Development and Coaching


Team Building


Personnel Development


Individual Coaching purposes


Career Guidance


Career Transitions

KR Consulting assists organizations and businesses in their recruitment, selection, placement, and coaching, training, team building and management/leadership development.

Tailor-made workshops are put together for companies based on their needs and developmental goals.

Educational Assessments

Subject choice grade 9 and 10

The subject choice assessment aims to assist Grade 9 learners to choose the most suitable subjects for their FET Phase (Grade 10-12). This assessment provides learners with the tools to make informed subject choice decisions by giving them a sense of confirmation or direction within their potential career paths which is highlighted by their assessment results on their interests, ability, work-related personality characteristics and values. The subject choice assessment aims to help learners to become aware of potential careers that exist globally and which may fit their interests and abilities in the future.

Career assessment for grade 11 and matriculants

The purpose of a career assessment is to support the client in discovering and exploring potential study and career opportunities. The assessment process is one of self-awareness by assessing a clients interests, potential, personality type, skills/ abilities, values and strengths.

The process includes guidance and facilitation in decision making with regards to study and career choices; employment trends and possible opportunities; providing appropriate advice and suggestion. KRC also offers coaching services which is a step by step journey to help guide the client in formulating a future goal plan and working on achieving it.

KRC also offers professional coaching sessions based on the assessment results.

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