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KR Consulting is a combined knowledge base consultancy of psychometrics, coaching and psychology centred expertise in conjunction with many years of hands-on business and employee experience.

KRC offers businesses and individuals a specialized service in profiling peoples cognition such as their personality, potential, strengths and development areas. People are an organisation’s largest asset and also their biggest challenge, at KRC we strive to give you the confidence of not only managing but also understanding your most crucial business asset, your employees.

KRC works closely with a company and individuals by assessing their unique potential, goals and needs. Our focus is on helping you manage your people in the best possible manner. KRC offers assessments to guide you along every step of your people management journey: from recruiting to coaching people that align with your requirements, to helping you retain and nurture your existing talent, to being able to identify potential as well as satisfy training or development needs. Based on the assessment findings KRC can provide ongoing coaching, executive coaching and talent management.

KRC makes use of the latest psychometric tools and custom formulated strategies. Karolina Rafalski holds accreditation certificates in an array of internationally accredited psychometric and coaching tools. KRC selects assessments specifically designed and normed for your companies market and culture, making them reliable and valid. Thus they are the best suited to profile your people’s strength and developmental areas. Additionally, our specific reports will provide you with in-depth insight into your employees, enabling you to understand them copiously.

Karolina Rafalski

KRC founder and CEO Karolina (Sky) Rafalski was born in Warsaw, Poland but brought up in South Africa from the tender age of just 6 months old. She has been working in the corporate sector for over 15 years. She holds 3 degrees – BA Corp Com. (UJ), BA Hons. Psychology (UNISA), BPsych Psychometry (UJ). Karolina is an HPCSA registered Psychometrist, a keynote speaker and qualified Career and Life Coach. She is often featured in the media to give expert knowledge in her field.  This, combined with her many years of entrepreneurial, corporate and people-based experience, offers a very unique approach to her basket of specialised offerings, which has afforded her a hands-on understanding of individuals, employees and various job descriptions. During her internship year, Karolina decided to work with youth to widen her experience and help young people discover their true passion at an early age through the use of assessments and coaching. Today she loves to help her clients discover potential and passion as well as empower them by overcoming any limiting beliefs, specifically but not limited to women, to be the best versions of themselves through her coaching, keynotes and various workshops.  Karolina has been described as being very professional yet she has immense empathy and understanding which makes people feel at ease, open up and therefore benefit even more from their sessions.

Media appearances & Interviews

KRC founder and CEO Karolina (Sky) Rafalski has appeared as a guest on various media platforms, she is known as an expert in her field and has spoken at various conferences and events.

Karolina (Sky) Rafalski is an international conference speaker and has appeared as a guest on various media platforms, she is known as an expert in her field and spoken at various conferences and events as well as written articles for various publications such a Bizconnect and Standard Bank South Africa.

Karolina’s first language is English, yet she is fluent in Polish, she completed her eduction in South Africa and has acquired a degree in BA Corporate Communications, an honours degree in Psychology and a specialised postgraduate degree in BPsych Psychometrics. Karolina has been working in the corporate sector for over 15 years. Her studies, many years of entrepreneurial, corporate and multicultural based experiences, offer a very unique approach to her basket of specialized offerings and has afforded her with a hands-on understanding of people. She has uniquely married these two diverse fields of study and combined them with her public profile platform, her experience as a model in creating personal brands, image and brand consulting. Karolina has many years of exceptional communications, PR and public speaking skills, as well as expert knowledge in the field of psychology, emotional intelligence and psychometrics. With her unique offering, she is able to motivate, inspire and create self-awareness and become a trusted self-development and career coach, keynote and motivational speaker. Karolina’s expert talks on personality dynamics, career development, emotional intelligence, self-esteem, self-image and self-perception, limiting beliefs, how to cope effectively out of your comfort zone, understanding and channelling potential, how to embrace, love and understand your true self, health and beauty, self fulfilling prophecies, holistic overall wellness, personal branding and self-presentation has a valuable place in all and any corporation.

Karolina offers her keynotes in Native English as well as Polish.

To book Karolina please contact us via the contact page.

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BA Corporate Communications (UJ)
BA Honours Psychology (UNISA)
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