Selection & Recruitment

KRC offers specific psychometric services for recruitment purposes.

A specific assessment battery is compiled based on the specific job description and competencies required. We offer a detailed confidential report for each of the assessed candidates with recommendations based on a combination of the assessment results as well as a conducted intake interview.


    KRC psychometrists hold accreditation for an array of international assessment tools as well as ones normed for our specific African market, therefore covering all of the possible facets of assessment from potential to emotional intelligence, personality, loyalty, predicting future performance and organizational fit and of course assessing specific individual talents that are required for specific job positions from aptitudes to abilities, numerical to clerical, leadership, sales or managerial. KRC can assess it all.

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    KR Consulting (Karolina Rafalski Consulting) a Sky Enterprises company Warsaw, Poland

    Psychometrist Independent Practice
    BA Corporate Communications (UJ)
    BA Honours Psychology (UNISA)
    BPsych Practical Degree in Psychometry (UJ)
    HPCSA Registration no. PMT0090123 Practice no. 0850000553719  B-BBEE Level 4
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